A professional team and realizes your space (office, shop, restaurant, medical space, hotel, home, external facilities) that reflects your identity and the activity of your company.
To be accompanied in your planning and renovation project: from the study (plans, materials, specifications) to the realization (follow-up of the works, choice).

Organization & Operation.

Organization and Functioning.

You want all your work to be carried out by a single company.

The main advantage is having a single point of contact.  As a result, Sarl ART'LINES FWI manages the various trades involved in your project: coordination, work progress, compliance with construction standards, etc. It must meet the deadlines set for the project.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         - Quality workmanship - Competitive pricing - On-time delivery - On-budget.

Why use a team of experts?

. We are professionally insured.
. We participate in the development of your concept and work with you to imagine its identity.
. We can help you with all the administrative formalities required to implement your development project: obtaining planning permission, declaring work in advance, etc.
. We can support you at every stage of the renovation or refurbishment of your commercial premises: retail space, catering space, corporate offices, hotels or private homes.
. We design and carry out a fitting-out project for your professional or private space, in line with your corporate or personal identity, and which meets your needs in terms of functionality (reception of the public, well-being of employees in their workplace).
. In advance of the fit-out or renovation work, we provide you with graphic elements to help you project your future professional and personal space. 
We negotiate and check quotations with the various service providers involved (suppliers, craftsmen, general building contractors).

How your commercial or private architectural project unfolds

The design or renovation of your space is based on a personalized study that takes stock of your concept, your needs and your tastes. The aim is to propose a layout that reflects your desires and meets the functional needs of your professional space, within your budget. Based on your suggestions and observations, we gradually refine the commercial layout project before work begins.

Step 1: Advisory meetings

At an initial meeting, you tell us about your needs and expectations for the fit-out or renovation of your professional or private space: whether it's a store, hotel, restaurant, public reception center or the offices of your business or home.

You tell us not only your taste in decoration but also your expectations in terms of space organization. Based on these elements, we will be able to understand your concept and your project in order to create a space in line with your activity.
At the first meeting, we will evaluate the potential of the sites, its strengths (luminosity, possibility of opening spaces) as well as its constraints (load-bearing walls, networks, standards). We immediately inform you of our ideas in terms of interior design and decoration.
At the end of the appointment, you define with us the continuation of the mission and the scope of its intervention within the framework of your project of commercial or private architecture.

Step 2: Designing your project.

The aim of the second stage of your commercial or private architectural project is to determine precisely all the elements required to fit out your commercial premises or home:

Based on a survey of the existing situation and an assessment of your needs, we draw up design proposals in the form of sketches.
Once the main features of the project have been defined, we draw up all the technical documents that will be followed during the construction phase: dimensioned layout plan, elevation plan, section plan, electrical plans.
We'll take care of all the administrative formalities prior to construction, including building permit applications to the relevant authorities: town halls,

. accessibility commissions, safety commissions, prefectures.
. We'll take care of selecting the furniture and materials (tiles, parquet, taps).
. Once we've determined and described each of the different work packages (masonry, cladding, plumbing), consulted suppliers and partners, we'll provide you with budget information (quotations) tailored to your needs.

.We provide you with an analysis of the offers and quotations proposed for the fitting-out or renovation work.
.At the end of your project study, you can entrust us with the follow-up and coordination of the implementation and fitting-out of your commercial or residential spaces. (3rd step).

Step 3: Follow-up and coordination of development work

Once you've determined the layout project as part of the study, you can commission us to monitor and coordinate the layout or renovation work:

In this case, we'll organize the worksite and coordinate the various parties involved, including craftsmen and general building contractors.
We'll carry out quality controls and ensure that the work is carried out to the required standards throughout the project.
We will organize regular site meetings to keep you informed of progress and deadlines.
In parallel with the fitting-out work, we will fine-tune the selection of furniture and decorative items.
Once the work is complete, we'll take charge of the final staging of your commercial space, putting the finishing touches to the layout before you open or reopen your store, restaurant, hotel or office.

Our aim is to understand the customer's vision and, by considering every phase of the project, to realize that vision, from the shell to the furniture.